Last American Corner Activity

Last American Corner Activity


For my last activity with my 8th grade students I decided to take them all out for coffee. We had a lovely 2-hour coffee get together, all clustered around two tables. Everyone went around and said what plans they had for summer, any family vacations, or things they were looking forward to doing over the three months. Then, I taught them all how to play the cup game that high school students do to pass the time in the cafeterias back in the US. We caused a bit of noise and people started to look at us, but my students said, “We don’t care. We’re having fun!” Then we played another game in which I spilled words, nouns, and verbs across the table and they each had to create a sentence. The student with the most creative sentence won a ruler with pictures of all the US presidents. After that, my students still didn’t want to leave so we played one last game. It was a English board game. Then, when we finished that I said, “Time’s up! Everyone can go home. I hope you enjoyed my last activity.” They all responded with a big, “Yes, of course we did.” Many students said, “Thank you Laura, we’ll miss you.” And they gave me a big hug.

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