8th Grade Students Trip to Prevalle

8th Grade Students Trip to Prevalle

Every year, the students of Leke Dukagjini take a class field trip to the mountain top village of Prevalle. It’s a beautiful place that sits among snow capped mountains and green trees. In the winter time, Prizrenis like to come here to ski. This year, the 8th grade teacher invited me to come along. It was to be my very last day of school before departure and she said, “Please, Laura, come. Don’t loose this time.” All of my students kept asking me, are you going to come tomorrow? Are you going to come? Please come with us!!!” So I was convinced to come along.


Six buses full of 8th graders left the school at 8am and we arrived in Prevalle. My students were completely elated that I joined in the group, “Laura, we are so happy you came!” The students immediately took their place on the mountain side and started to picnic, meanwhile, I went to a local café to get coffee with the teachers (see photo below). The teachers were all astonished that I wore a dress and sandals to Prevalle. They thought I was a crazy American and they kept asking, “Aren’t you cold, Laura?”


After the long, morning coffee break I went back outside to be with the students. We sat together and they offered me snacks. We huddled together and covered ourselves with jackets. Some of my students decided to set off on a hike to a river close by and they invited me to come along! I gladly went with.




Along the hike I felt pampered by my students. Beings I was the only one in a dress and sandals, it was difficult passing the streams and muddy parts along the path. So I had two students holding my hands across the streams and another student on the other side waiting for me with an open hand. They were so good to me it was adorable. Throughout the hike, they asked me a million questions: “What are you going to do in summer? Is there a place like Prevalle where you’re from? Did you like Kosovo? Do you like hiking? Do you like Albanian music? What is your favorite song? Etc…” Along our hike they asked, “Can you sing us a traditional American song?” I said sure and I thought for a while…“What is a traditional American song? Hmmmm. I’ll sing the National Anthem.” The Star Spangled Banner! My singing was followed by clapping and they said, “That’s a really long song.” Then, they sang Albania’s national anthem for me and by that time we arrived back in Prevalle.


It was a great day! Many hugs and last goodbyes from students. I’m glad I got to finish the year with them in Prevalle. It was a great last day with the 8th graders.

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