Filigrani Necklaces in Progress


Filigrani Necklaces in Progress

Oooooh I want one. They’re so pretty. Faik told me they aren’t finished quite yet. Beautiful coins will be added to each segment of the necklace. Faik also said that these kinds of necklaces are worn across the chest, attached to the embroidered wedding coat. I asked if these were only for bridal wear and he said “no, any woman can wear these as a necklace.” So I guess these are bridal pieces but also regular necklaces?

I’m on National Television


So I was recently on national television in Kosovo! The TV show is called “Oxygen”, basically the equivalent to our David Letterman or Conan O’Brien. The host is a single, charismatic, 45-year old named Besim. I thought it would be funny to ask him a question at the end of the talk show. I asked if he was single and told him I have a gorgeous cousin who is also single from Texas. He was like, “OH!!!! A cowboy?!!” I told him she’d come riding to him on a horse and he absolutely loved it. Albanians are so interested in jokes about marriage or coupling or the difference between sexes. The joke was a hit. Just watch the end of this promo clip. My students are all very excited to watch me on TV this Friday when it airs at 8:30 PM.

Trying on Wedding Belts


Trying on Wedding Belts

Wow, are they ever heavy! Faik at Filigrani studios was telling me that the bride typically receives two filigree wedding belts as gifts from her husband’s family. She wears them the day after the wedding in combination with the traditional Albanian wedding attire—see my previous post about the embroidered coats!